As part of our total support strategy for our commercial customers we offer to under-take your independent microbiology testing of your pool water and also associated water outlets such as shower heads.

Microbiological testing is required to verify water safety and sure that the pool water treatment is in good order and able to cope with your bather load.

Pool type                           Microbiological Test                 Legionella Test
Leisure/Hotel pool             Monthly                                             Quarterly
Spa pool (Commercial)      Monthly                                            Quarterly
Paddling/Outdoor              Start of season, then monthly       Quarterly
Hydrotherapy                      Weekly                                               Weekly

As a Guide (PWTAG)

This is a guide but we suggest more frequent if there is any reason a determination in quality, plant issues or significant change in regime.

We offer a bespoke service where samples are collected directly from site by ourselves and transported directly within 24hours under controlled conditions to our UKAS approved laboratory partner.

Contact us for a bespoke quotation and to discuss your requirements.

Correct Flow Engineering Ltd operate a UKAS approved microbiological testing service in your area.

The Service

  •  Site visit to take sample for bacterial analysis (TVC at 37
    degrees, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, e-coli and coliforms)
  • Transportation of sample to UKAS laboratory in
    refrigerated conditions
  • Notification to site if results are out of specification
  • Advice on remedial action if necessary
  • Certificate of results for display or log book

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