At Correct Flow we are aware of the ever increasing costs of operating leisure facilities, one way to drastically reduce power consumption is to install an inverter drive to any three phase motor. Basically, an inverter drive allows you adjust the power consumption of your pumps or heating fans and program them to ramp down overnight if required.

Motors generally do not need to run at full capacity and as little as a 10% reduction in performance can yield a real time saving of _____ in energy

Try this simple calculation:

Size of pump  x time run x  days x weeks x  £/kw hr
Example:   3kw x 24hrs  x 7 x 52     x £0.15p
Energy cost:  £3931.20 per year

10% reduction in speed
3kw  x 0.9  x 0.9 x  0.9 = 2.18kw/hr
so, 2.18  x 24 x 7  x 52 x £0.15p
New energy cost:  £2856.67 per year

The larger the motor or pump the greater the saving in this case £1074.53p per YEAR on a 5.5kw pump your saving would be in excess of over £2000 per YEAR.

We checked energy prices on January 13th 2020 where there was a range of between 11.5p and 16.2p per kw/hr (British Gas @ 14.7p/hr)

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