At correct Flow, we have been supplying, installing and repairing swimming pool circulation pumps for over 25 years. We can supply the smallest domestic pumps, up to the largest commercial units. We can supply economical plastic bodied pumps through to two pole large cast iron units with either stainless steel or gun metal impellers.

As a company we fully understand that no two systems are the same and we have the in house knowledge to specify the right pump for the right job.

With our experience in maintenance we can supply spare parts for all circulation pumps that have been available in the UK.

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Swimming Pool Pumps Consist of Three Major Parts:

  1. An electric motor which spins at high velocity. For ease of use, and installation, our range of swimming pool pumps, use motors which run from a standard 230v mains supply or three phase supply. The motor spins an impeller, which creates a change in pressure which draws water through the pump.
  2. An impeller, which is normally connected to the end shaft of the electric motor. The impeller is housed between the pump filter basket and the motor. Its primary purpose is to move water from the pool, through the pump and filter and then back to the pool.
  3. The pump basket. This is a critical part of the system which collects debris from the pool and prevents it from going into the pump, which could put a strain on the motor and cause it to burn out prematurely

We can supply and install 230v or three phase supply depending on the application that suits you.

Also at correct Flow we can remove and overhaul pumps whether it’s a full motor rewind or a simpler mechanical seal change.

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