Swimming pool filter systems are key to healthy swimming pool water. The filter media is working 24/7 too ensure the quality and cleanliness of your pool water. This is why routine maintenance of swimming pool filter media is key.

Filter media change

As filter media ages and begins to become less affective, it is important that the media is changed and refreshed. Changing it regularly can dramatically reduce the amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool clear. Filter sand/media is made up of very rough silica sand at about 0.45mm. It is this roughness that makes the sand efficient at filtering out fine particles. The silica sand then sits on a bed of stone ranging from 6mm to 20mm depending on the size of the filter.

We remove the sand manually or via a vacuum tanker depending on the access and size of the filter. Once removed we then dispose of the sand offsite.

At correctflow we can supply and install all types of water filters and Medias ranging from traditional sand and gravel to glass and new generation OC1 filtration media.

We also supply and install all types of cartridge filters for smaller installations. With our experience we can specify the right type of filter for your requirements. Calculating turn over, flow rates and pool sizes as part of our service.

Businesses We Work With

With our experience in maintenance we can supply spare parts for all filtration and multiport valves, that have been available in the UK.

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