The Stranco Ezetrol chlorine & pH controller is the latest addition to the wide range of automatic chemical controllers which has been configured for swimming pool installations. The Ezetrol offers a chlorine measurement range from 0 -9.99mg/l. Utilising the Ezetrol chlorine measuring cell, which houses the pH and optional redox probe, the Ezetrol guarantees precise measurements in compliance with DIN 19643. Operation of the Ezetrol measuring cell without the need for buffer solutions ensures low cost of ownership and as the 3-electrode chlorine cell is hydro-mechanically cleaned, provides long term stability and low maintenance attendance.

  • Continuous micro-processor based monitoring and control of chlorine and pH
  • Overfeed and failsafe lockout features
  • 18 Month warranty on controller and probes
  • Two way acid base control option
  • Custom design board mounts available

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